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Welcome to Drug Alcohol Intervention Specialists. We are a nationwide program that represents an intervention specialist in your area ready to be of service to your family and loved ones. Our services include drug intervention, alcohol intervention and family crisis intervention.

Making the decision to hold an intervention for your child, spouse, family member or loved one is never an easy one and usually comes right before or right after a major crisis. Alcohol interventions and drug interventions are extremely effective methods of notifying the drinker and or drug user that it is unacceptable that they continue to destroy their lives and help is available. You may have asked them, begged them to stop to with no long lasting results. An intervention with an alcoholic or drug user is highly controlled by a trained interventionist and changes the behavior of all participants for the maximum benefit of the client.

If you need an intervention specialist right now or have any specific questions please call us toll free right now at 888.866.6191 or browse our information pages to learn everything from how to hold an intervention for a family member to treatment available at drug intervention centers. Since an intervention is but a first step, Drug Alcohol Intervention Specialists offer a full range of services and referrals including treatment centers, sober livings and outpatient treatment plans. It only takes a phone call to get help so call us now.

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