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Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol intervention is required for individuals who cannot stop drinking on their own. It may be a young adult who is binge drinking and about to be kicked out of school or the head of the household whose behavior is like a destructive tornado damaging everything in its path, an alcohol intervention is designed to interrupt the problematic behavior. This is successfully done with a professional interventionist who is trained to deal with both the loved ones and the person who requires the intervention.

Drug Alcohol Intervention Specialists fills this role by offering a national referral system of qualified interventionists who will come to you and organize your group in a rational and logical manner to minimize the fear, hurt and confusion that can undermine a family crisis intervention. The purpose of an alcohol intervention is to begin the process of recovery from drinking by communicating in a loving and courageous way how loved ones, friends and co-workers are affected by the drinking and how it needs to be resolved. The problem drinker is often surprised by the intervention despite his or her obvious problems and can feel uncomfortable and get defensive.

An intervention is followed by checking in to a treatment facility, following a treatment plan as an outpatient or even living in sober housing for a period of time. At the very minimum regular participation in a 12-step program is highly recommended.

Drug Intervention

A drug intervention is similar to that of an alcohol intervention and often addresses alcohol as many people who abuse drugs abuse alcohol in the same way. A drug intervention is often more intense due to the nature of drug addiction. Drug Alcohol Intervention Specialists professionals know how to deal with the secrecy, shame and guilt that the user feels about his or her drug use.

Discussing drug use in an intervention, whether it is illegal street drugs or legal abuse of prescription drugs, is extremely fragile and stressful for everyone involved and it is important to have an expert on hand running the show. There are specific techniques on how to hold an intervention for a family member and exactly what to say and what not to say.

A professional interventionist has been trained in addiction behaviors and has had many hours of training in individual and group therapies. Knowledge and skills with people in crisis are essential to maintain the emotional stability needed in an intervention.

Family Intervention

How to hold a intervention for a family member can be confusing when you don’t know at an alcohol intervention what to say. Drug Alcohol Intervention Specialists will send a qualified intervention specialist to your door and make all the arrangements to ease the family of as much burden as possible. Depending on the severity of the abuse, interventions should lead to treatment and even sober living facilities where the alcohol and drug abuser can really build a foundation of recovery and positive choices before returning to the old environment.

Drug Alcohol Intervention specialists can help the family get into counseling if required and will make all of the arrangements for transportation, treatment center, sober living, 12-step program and counseling. The benefit of having one of our professional interventionists is that they can assess and customize the intervention and follow-up treatment according to your specific needs. No two families are alike and they all have different requests.

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