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Family Crisis Intervention

The intervention process for alcohol abuse and drug abuse for children or parents is a very sensitive process that requires tremendous skill. A juvenile intervention specialist can help manage the feelings that defensive alcohol and drug users have including betrayal and violation of privacy. Many painful reactions often surface but all are nothing more than rationalizations to continue the destructive behavior and therefore hurdles to be overcome.

Drug intervention for teens in this day and age of widespread availability of drugs and alcohol is one of our most commonly requested services. Intervening with your child’s destructive usage of drugs and alcohol is one of the most loving things you can do for the family but it can also be one of the most painful. A skilled crisis interventionist can address all the complications of active addiction including abuse and financial strain in the home. Clearly the abuse does not stop with the drinker or user but the whole family is affected and should be involved in the treatment process along with the person with the problem.

Drug Alcohol Intervention Specialists can also handle intervention strategies for children of alcoholic parents. This often involves adult children but a professional interventionist can help courageous adolescents get the message to their parents as well.

Executive Intervention

An executive intervention helps companies keep valuable personnel while getting them the help they need. Executive interventions have become increasingly popular in a world where training, seniority and commitment are more important than ever.

Drug Alcohol Intervention Specialists offers executive interventions geared to the specific needs of high powered individuals who seem to have everything under control accept when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Trained interventionists know how to deal with individuals who can mask their problems in their successes. It can often be difficult for executives to believe that they cannot cure themselves of their problems with drinking and drugs as they seem to have so much power in other areas of their life.

An executive intervention can be very effective in breaking through this denial system and both the company and individual benefit greatly from a successful intervention.

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