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Intervention Process

The intervention process is always customized to your particular needs. Call Drug Alcohol Intervention Specialists today at 888.866.6191 for a free consultation on how we can help you meet your requirements. We can contact the individuals you would like to involve in the intervention and conduct pre-intervention training sessions leading up to the intervention itself.

Our interventionist will come to your location at least a day before the intervention to meet with everybody and will then conduct the intervention itself. If the drinker or drug user needs to go into treatment right away we will offer treatment options and follow-up counseling for the support group if needed.

Drug Intervention Centers

Drug Alcohol Intervention Specialists works with a variety of alcohol and drug treatment centers that are ideal for post-intervention treatment. Long term cessation and recovery of alcohol and drug abuse rarely occurs from an intervention alone. Intake into a treatment center is often the best goal of an intervention and coordination and timing is critical.

Our professional interventionist will discuss the options for treatment with family and love ones before the intervention so that a decision on the course of treatment can be resolved. The type of treatment center depends on the individual. Adolescents typically go to different facilities than executives and most treatment centers offer different treatment plans depending on the circumstances.

Employee Interventions

Thanks to the growing in popularity of employee assistance programs drug interventions in the workplace have become more commonplace and even niche programs dealing with executive interventions. Employees and executives are very valuable to companies and termination is not always in the best interest of the company yet the destructive behavior needs to be stopped. A professional interventionist can be just the solution to bridge the gap between the responsibility to the business and the individual.

Employee interventions are different than family interventions in that they tend to be less personal and usually take place at the workplace rather than at home. It is even more critical to have a professional interventionist who is familiar with workplace laws and ethics when dealing with employee interventions. Fortunately, because the workplace is often more emotionally detached and the drinker or drug user can see the immediate consequences of continuing his actions employee interventions have a high success rate.

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